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If you take part-time education in Norway, you can receive support if the education constitutes at least 50 per cent of the full-time education. Part-time education abroad does not give the right to support.

An important age difference in the Loan Fund is 19 years.

An important age difference in the Loan Fund is 19 years.

The rates and calculations below are based on a student over the age of 19, who is seeking higher education and who does not live with his or her parents. Support rates per month during the academic year which include both loans and scholarships. The rates are as follows per month (The loan fund expects 10 months a year, the maximum loan per year is the rates multiplied by 10)

Travel stipend
Anyone who is 25 years of age or younger (born in 1977 or later) traveling from home to study can receive a travel grant between a registered home in Norway and the educational institution. You can get a scholarship for three round trips. The scholarship is a maximum of USD 7,000 per academic year. A deductible of USD 1,120 is deducted. If you are over 25 (born in 1977 or before), you will only receive travel scholarships if you study in countries outside the Nordic countries.
Loan for school fees
You can receive up to USD 20,860 per year in loans for tuition fees in Norway or the Nordic countries. If the school fees are higher, you must cover the rest yourself. The amount comes in addition to what you get in regular scholarships and loans. The loan is not assessed against your income and wealth. Loans for tuition fees come on the first payment each semester.

Sustainer Scholarships

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If you live with children that you support (children born in 1988 or later), you can receive a support grant. The dependency allowance depends on the amount of gross monthly income your spouse, partner, cohabitant has during the application period. The child support stipend is up to USD 1,290 per month for each of the first two children, and up to USD 830 per month for each child more than two.

All students in full-time education can receive USD 8,000 a month (basic support).

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If you are a resident, that is, living in the same house as your parents, you will not receive a grant, just a loan. If you live away, you will receive an education grant and the rest as a loan. The academic year is usually ten months. The education scholarship is 40 per cent of the basic support and consists of two parts: a disbursement portion of 25% and a portion of 15% which is first given as a loan and then converted into a scholarship when the exam is passed. Of course, it is important to pass the exam!

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