How to finance investment in education

Education is one of the items to which more money goes from the family budget . Dining room, uniforms, books, university, etc. Expenditure on education has been increasing since 2009 and, to vent our family economy, we can look for alternatives in the collaborative economy .

Spanish families allocate 28% more money to the expenses related to the education of their children than for seven years. The Valencian Institute of Economic Research and the BBVA Foundation have published a report with data that highlight the dramatic increase in education spending.

These expenses range from primary education to university and master’s degrees . It is precisely in these last two stages, the university and post-university, where spending has increased the most due to the increase in university fees and the high prices of masters.


In a highly competitive labor market

education loan

master and postgraduate studies made our curriculum stand out among those of other applicants. However, the educational reform of Bologna and the modification of university degrees have made postgraduate training more than necessary. It is precisely that specialized training that makes the family budget more expensive .

Crowdlending and collective financing platforms such as Maeldrom manage to vent this budget, providing collaborative loans at low interest . Because, in Maeldrom we only accept good payers , our interests and commissions are much lower than in the other banking entities. So, if you want to give wings to your future by complementing your training, ask us for information to request a loan in Maeldrom and you can do the master you need.


The cost of education should not be an obstacle in your family budget

The cost of education should not be an obstacle in your family budget

Since it is money invested in your future or that of your loved ones. Take advantage of the conditions of Maeldrom and so you can have your money in another way, organizing it to get what you really want.

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