Discover how to save when you go to the supermarket!

We all have to go to the supermarket at least once a week to buy everything we need to cook at home. And remember, we must avoid abusing to go to restaurants to save ! (Read our note: Do not eat your money, find out how to save by eating out ).

Well today I show you how to save when you go to the supermarket. You will be surprised how many suns you will be able to collect. Pay attention!

Plan your purchases

Plan your purchases

Planning is the key to everything. Have you noticed that all our savings tips start from it? Well, it also applies when buying and not throwing money !

Super purchases can be planned to spend only what is necessary. Take pencil and paper and make a list of the meals you will prepare during the week. With this list you will know what ingredients you will need and buy only what is necessary.

Go buy alone

When you go shopping it is better to go alone. Why? Because if you go with children, you are likely to spend more on some craving for your son, daughter, niece or whoever accompanies you.

The advice also goes in case your partner wants to accompany you and that is, let’s be honest, sure there will come a craving that they will end up buying. Yes, like that roasted chick so rich that they sell in supermarkets, ready to go and especially seemingly “cheap.”

Do not trust offers

Do not trust offers

The offers with their large and colorful signs catch our attention in supermarkets, right? Well, your duty as a saver is to avoid looking at them. Remember: you already have your list made so if you see an offer of preserves and this product is not in your list, do not even look at them!

Compare prices

You can save a lot in the supermarket if you compare prices online before going to the store. I usually make my list and choose the supermarket to go to based on which one best suits my budget.

Pay cash

Pay cash

As we have advised many times: if you want to save you should not borrow more. So using credit cards to go to the supermarket is PROHIBITED . If you carry them, believe us, you will be tempted to buy things that you did not plan and also do not need. Always use cash for your purchases of the week.

Follow these tips and you will see that you will have extra suns in your wallet. We love to help you save! We want you to have zero debts. And if you want to save more, don’t stop reading: What expenses to reduce to start saving at home?

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