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Mustad Big Game Tuna Hooks
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Hook diagram

In the illustration above, the various parts of a hook are shown with their proper names.

The two most important dimensions of a hook are its gape (the distance between point and shank) and the depth of the throat. Generous dimensions ensure deeper penetration of the point and better holding power of the fish.

Mustad sizes

Mustad Ultra point hooks range from size from 8/0 down to size 6. Size 8/0 is the largest hook, while size 6 is the smallest hook.


The distance between point and shank.


The distance from the apex of the bend to its intersection with the gape.


The eye of a hook is the ring, hole or loop at the end of the shank through which the line or leader is secured.


Hook shanks are manufactured in many different shapes. The most commonly used are Straight, Curved and Sliced where barbs are cut into the shank for bait holding purposes.


In order to increase the strength of the bend (by approx. 25%), the wire of the bend is slightly compressed sideways.


The Point is the sharpened end which penetrates the fish's mouth. The point of a hook is expected to penetrate the fish's mouth with as little force as possible. In addition, the point should stay sharp over a period of time.


The barb is the projection extending backwards from the point that secures your catch from unhooking.

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