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Okuma Magnetix Multiplier
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The Multiplier Reel

Photo of a multiplier reel in use.

The Multiplier reel has revolutionised casting and fishing over the last 20 years. It's not uncommon to find top casters and fishermen putting a baited rig well over 150 yards and in competition, longer distances are regularly achieved with casts well over the 200 yard mark.

While the multiplier reel is obviously king of casting, if handled incorrectly or put in the novice casters hands, they can become an angler's worst nightmare. Once a smooth casting technique has been achieved and techniques such as off the ground and pendulum casting have been learnt, the multiplier can be a fantastic little reel.

With many multiplier brands on the market today, manufacturers such as Abu Garcia and Penn certainly lead the way not only in producing fantastic, reliable casting machines, but also in the technology that continues to propel the multiplier reel forward.

When casting with a multiplier reel, the spool rotates during the cast, as line on the reel is pulled by the baited rig and or lead weight. If the spool turns to fast (faster than the line is being pulled off of the spool) problems can occur and the dreaded birds nest tangle can erupt in a split second. In order to prevent the spool over turning, quality multiplier reels are fitted with a braking system. This slows down the spool during casting, making the reel easier to handle and in some cases a lot more forgiving to casting errors.

When choosing a new multiplier reel, reels with either a centrifugal or magnetic braking system are best. These two braking systems offer the best spool control. Infact, many top multiplier reels now are fitted with both types of brake allowing the multiplier to be controlled precisely throughout the cast.

Learning to use a multiplier reel is well worth the effort. The casting results you can achieve really do speak for themselves. Anybody that fishes regularly and enjoys fishing for multiple species at varying distances should consider giving a multiplier reel a serious go. Once learnt, there's no looking back.

To help you choose a multiplier reel to suit your budget and experience all of our reels are presented on a single page ordered by ascending price. This should allow you to compare the reels available across all price ranges and manufacturers at a glance.

If you would like any help choosing a multiplier reel or would simply like to talk to someone about which reel best suits you, please do give us a call or drop us an email. We are more than happy to help.

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