Leeda Bait Box

Leeda Bait Box
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  • Durable plastic construction
  • Tight fitting lid
  • Ideal for storing live baits such as worms
  • Increases bait freshness when used with a cool box or bag.
  • 1st Class Royal Mail (3.95)
  • Express Courier (6.95)
Leeda Bait Box

More Information:

The Leeda Bait Box is ideal for storing fresh worms and small crustacean baits like crabs and shellfish. An effective way to use this box is in conjunction with a bait cool box or bag. Simple put any freshly dug worms or crabs in the box with a little seawater and or seaweed and store in your cool box or bag, this is a nice way to store bait without any mess or fuss. You could even add a freezer pack to your cooler to further help keep your fresh bait cool. If storing more than one variety of live baits such as worms and crabs, its wise to use two bait boxes otherwise you might lose your worms! These are simple little boxes that are worth every penny.

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